The Golden Lotus Practice and Path emerged to help us truly come home to what the masters of all the wisdom traditions have been talking about. 

It’s an easy way to actually experience your Source Light Energy (Buddha Nature) and come to complete rest there. 

There’s 6 Phases to the Golden Lotus Path that you’ll swiftly and easily move through.

Then you’ll come to rest in the deep stillness and radiant openness of who you really are.

Beauty beyond words.

Love without limits.

A light that permeates and penetrates every and all things.

Because all of it is you. 

The Phases of the Golden Lotus Path & Practice

Phase One: Bringing the Light Home (unfolds in three stages)

Phase Two: Turning the Light Around

Phase Three: Light Sparks Fire (deep healing practices start here)

Phase Four: Fire Melts the Drops

Then there’s two more phases for those who feel called to teach
and share the dharma of the Golden Lotus

Phase Five: Raising the Light (Teacher Training Golden Lotus Practice Teacher and/or The Golden Lotus Dharma Teacher)

Phase Six: Sharing the Light (Teaching)

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