7 Factors of Awakening

The Seven Factors of Awakening

Say aloud daily:

Just for today…

May I be mindfully aware throughout the day

May I attain deep and penetrating wisdom that sees clearly and knows the truth of the way things are

May I be energetic, persistent and strive diligently along the way and endure any hardships that may arise

May I be happy, enthusiastic, and joyous in all that I do

May I remain calm, patient and trusting in the face of every adversity knowing that everything unfolds in it own time and in its own way

May I practice absorption, remain focused and be present to the miracle of every moment

May I be anchored in equanimity at all times and in all places

May I attain all of the Seven Factors of Awakening so that my very own life becomes a universal blessing.

This version of the Seven Factors of Awakening was created as an Upaya to help all beings awaken by zen master e

Zen Master e

zen master e