The Golden Lotus Practice

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Want to feel more calm?

Looking to have a clear mind?

Then the Golden Lotus Path and Practice is perfect for you! The Core Essence of the practice in Phase 1.0 is just 3 minutes a day. That’s it! 

The Golden Lotus Practice and Path is the quickest most effective method I know of to help you come home to the core essence of yourself (Source Light Energy) and start to really feel the benefit of that in your everyday life.

Zen Master e
Sending you BIG LOVE!

zen master e

What Other People Are Saying About the Practice

“I think it’s amazing!
I sense this clear open infinite spaciousness
I disappear but I’m there
I’m nowhere but I’m there
I expand in it all
My words entrap me
It’s like I am the air
Without form
Clear and open free no limits just like the sky.
~ Mary

“I loved the warm feeling through the body
and the vibrating stopped in my mind.
It stops the wandering brain.
It stops my mind from thinking.
I love it!”

~ Jen