New Years Message 2021

New Years Message From master e

I love you.

I wish I could be with you in person and hold you tight.

That I could sit with you and hold your hand.

That I could see you smile and hear your voice.

I wish I could snap my fingers and take away all your fears and frustrations.

I wish that my words in some way will help you know everything is gonna be ok.

You’re gonna be ok.

And though we haven’t seen much of each other this year I wish you could know that you that you’re always in my heart.

A new year is just beginning.

One year ends and another begins.

And over the last year we’ve probably had a lot of thoughts about what we’ve been experiencing in a world utterly transformed in an instant by covid.

It was a great big blindside.

We never saw it coming and now that it’s here we can’t unsee it.

Covid has shown us many things about ourselves. It has been a window into our minds and hearts.

Covid has been a great teacher and has shown us so much.

So as we start this new year off lets set the sails of our minds as wide and open as possible.

So that when the winds of karma blow we can handle whatever arises and can transform each moment into times of practice.

We can bring to each moment the energies of awakening.

Patience. Enthusiasm. Stillness. Generosity. Noble conduct. And wisdom.

When mind is left in its natural state it is open and clear like space.

From there these energies can flow easily and touch everything and everyone we meet with kindness and care.

So I hope you take time each day to sit in stilnness. I hope that you’re still chewing your koan.

Each and every one of us needs each and every one of us.

When we work in harmony with each other we practice together action.

Staying home is together action.

Wearing your mask is together action.

We’re all in this together.

And even though we are celebrating a new year this feeling can be brought into each day.

Starting fresh with an open mind and clear heart.

Then each day we can allow the energies of awakening to flow through our lives and transform each moment into a new year.

Then whatever we’re doing can be transformed into a new opportunity to connect deeply with each moment and each person we meet.

Everyone is hurting in some way.

Let us all remember that we’re Buddha’s and do our best to bless each moment that we find ourselves in.

Sending you BIG LOVE ❤️ }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

master e