He Saved Everyone Before He Was Born

From the Collected Works of Korean Buddhism, Vol. 7-1 Gongan Collections 1: Case 1

TITLE: The Greatly Enlightened, World Honored One, Śākyamuni Buddha

The World Honored One,
without having yet departed Tusita (heaven),
had already descended into the palace and,
without having yet left his mother’s womb,
had already completed the task of saving people.

From the Collected Works of Korean Buddhism, Vol. 7-1 Gongan Collections 1: Case 1

Zen master e’s comment

Oh this made me laugh. The confusion that will arise from this is such a great matter.

How can the world honoured one already have saved anyone before he was born?

Those who have already begun to save themselves will have already glimpsed how Sakyumini without leaving his mother’s womb already saved everyone.

The radiant clear fundamental nature of mind is always clear and bright. Free of all stain. Everyone is already saved.

Have you seen and confirmed this salvation for yourself yet? Then you’re a true son or daughter of salvation. And now you’re beginning to see that you’re a true Buddha and were so even before you were born. That we all were saved before we even left our mothers womb.

If you haven’t already glimpsed the unborn, you’re innate perfection and you’re still wrapped and trapped in thought then there’s nothing I can say to convince you that this is true. That you’re already free. All I can say is 6×6=36.

What is the meaning of title of this piece: The Greatly Enlightened, World Honored One, Śākyamuni Buddha?

The Greatly Enlightened means: The great prajnaparamita. The great void of emptiness. The great light of consciousness. The full moon on a cloudless night. The light of knowing permeating every point of space. Everyone that sees its light becomes silent and still. The phases are seen as an illusion. The harvest is complete. The task is already done. The case is closed. What do you think you’re doing with all your dharma studying? Just sit in silent awe. Everything a wonder.

Or this is like the great sun at noon in a cloudless sky on an early spring day. Its constant presence benefits all. It can’t help itself. That’s its essence. That is YOUR essence – total freedom and warmth. Freedom from thought and freedom from the thought of freedom. The great relief. Like sitting at the seaside on a sunday afternoon watching the light of the sun sparkle on the top of the water.

This is your natural perfect state – greatly enlightened. There is nothing to be done so put it all down and discover how perfect you already are. Discover the truth of what you are.

Sit proudly and deeply on your own dharma throne. Come home to the greatly enlightened essence of this very moment and who you really are.

World Honoured One means: World honoured one is the blending of emptiness and form. The world is always changing. Always spinning out of control. So we need a safe harbour. We need a shining light. We need a hand to reach out and grab a hold of us as we reach and grab a hold of it. We need a blueprint to follow. An energetic archetype that transcends space and time. A lighthouse that continually shines – warning of the dangers that are close.

As a world honoured one we shine and we are continually close to the dangers of greed, hatred and delusion. Here we taste pleasure and pain as streams of sensations that we let flow through the openness of our being.

We put it all down, flow with the currents of karma and our hearts run free.

We are World Honoured Ones. People see us amidst all the chaos but we glow with wisdom and flow with compassion. The mere sight of us in these moments sparks a fire in their hearts and hope in their minds and people think they’ve touched heaven and call us saints.

We are honorable, stable and still in the world of ever changing motion and mayhem. We shine brightly in the dark and our light ignites hope in others. The energy of awakening flows through us because we are opening up to the actualization of awakening in all moments – even the most mundane.

The paramitas are practiced and practice us in every instance through giving, virtue, patience, enthusiasm, calm and wisdom. These are greatly honoured and held up as a lamp for all. These are just the different rays on the one true mind. Like light shining through a prism.

Shakyamuni Buddha means: Shakyamuni Buddha is form. Emptiness made manifest. Our minds need a target. Our chaotic minds need something to take hold of before we can let it all go. Our minds need an embodied ideal. A living flesh and blood actualization of the awakened potential we all can feel within.

Science says we have mirror neurons and that’s how we learn. So Shakyamuni Buddha manifested and held up the mind mirror, showed us our true form and said, “You are consciousness – you are equanimity. Pure. Bright. Luminous.”

We learn by example so Shakyamuni was born.

That’s why you were born too. To learn by example.

Be an example of your true wisdom.
Be an example of your true heart.

You are Shakyamuni Buddha right now.
Emptiness is form.
And Form is Emptiness.

Just sit as Shakyamuni Buddha.

Put it all down and embody the truth of enlightenment with every fibre of your being. Then naturally your words will heal, your hands will help and your whole life will be in harmony with the way.

You were already saved before you were born.

This is the meaning of “The Greatly Enlightened, World Honored One, Śākyamuni Buddha.” Really it just means to stop all this playing around and to finally be your true self.

The sun shines
A coolness softly floats on the wind and caresses the skin
The leaves are falling
The squirrels nails clatter on the tin roof